Wednesday, November 15, 2006

This just sent from Bryan:


Ellen said...

Apparently "hanging on" is so important, it is mentioned twice. Which is even funnier when you consider that hanging on to anything that is out of control is as reflexive as it is pointless. Other suggestions:
1. Stay awake!
2. Do not consume alcoholic beverages while attempting to regain control of a spooked camel. You probably shouldn't consume alcohol before riding a spooked camel either.
3. Do not offer alcoholic beverages to the camel.
4. Do not try to put the camel at ease with a joke. Camels are offended by most attempts at interspecies humor.
5. Continue to stay awake!
6. Do not shame the camel. Camels are impervious to shame and, besides, it's rude.
7. Do not try to sing camel-calming songs. There are no camel-calming songs.
8. It's okay to sing a song that calms you, however. Maybe you could hum the theme from "Lawrence of Arabia." Just trying to remember whether "L of A" had a theme is likely to be a pleasant distraction from the terrifying, wrenching awfulness of being perched on a spooked camel.
9. Are you still awake? Good! Stay that way.
10. Of course "Lawrence of Arabia" had a theme.

Mandy said...

If my camel goes berserk, I think I will just pretend that I am Alec Guinness with my bronzed face and regal duties. That will calm me. Hm, what IS that theme song?