Wednesday, February 14, 2007

All of a sudden today, Cairo turned red. Hearts. Flowers. Taffeta. Even the pet shop, with its sickly animals, became a den of love, selling bouquets and stuffed bears holding stuffed hearts.
I said to one of my classes, "What's the deal? You celebrate Valentine's here?"
"Only in the last few years," one student said, rolling her eyes. "It's SO commercialized."



Kim said...

Happy Birthday J! How do they celebrate b-days in Egypt - or are the celebration of b-days a western, ego-centric, self-indulgent practice?
I wouldn't be surprised if it were so. Hope you and A have a nice day. - Your other sister and i are planning a night of frivolity as we have tickets to a particular pop idol concert. Not very deep and very American. :) Take care. Isn't it funny that they breakout out the hearts and candy for V-day? Wonder why? - K

Sari said...

Do you find that hearts, flowers, and taffeta are less annoying in Cairo than in the Mall of America?

In South Korea, they celebrate Valentines, and have added White Day (March 14) and even Black Day (April 14). And though I roll my eyes at roses in the States, in Korea, I found it all properly cute.

Mandy said...

EVERYTHING is annoying in the mall of America. Except the Paul Bunyan log ride.
Maybe less annoying in Cairo because it was surprising and because of my student's response. Plus, all the girls were buying flowers for each other, and that was cute.
More importantly, what is Black Day, and what is White Day? I don't know if I like the sound of that. ;)

Sari said...

I went shopping at MOA last week to buy some interview pants. We'll see how lucky they are--or if they carry the stench of consumerism.

Valentine's Day is when girls buy boys chocolate.

White Day is when boys buy girls candy (not chocolate! How strange is that?). The candy is usually beautifully wrapped lollipops, but still.

Black Day is when all those neglected by Valentine's Day and White Day gather together in comraderie (or misery) and eat Jajangmyeon (a black sauce noodle dish).

Karen said...

That is AWESOME.