Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Oct. 29 Podcast: an excerpt and discussion of my story:



Sari said...

How do I listen to a podcast? I clicked "play" but nothing. Does this somehow involve an "ipod"?

Geez, I'm out of it! I must retire to the lazyboy and finish my cross stitching.

Sari said...

Fear not!

After my Jane Fonda workout, I put a Michael Bolton tape in the cassette player and figured out how to access your blogspot (Actally, I went to Kevin's blog and accessed it from there.)

P.S. It was awesome (as those crazy kids are saying these days). (Both the blog and the reading!)

A said...

Ah, ok - so K's blog, if any of you are having trouble is: www.unprintableversion.typepad.com

Bryan said...

Sari, sometimes the podcast don't take to the computer. But I got it to work from the IR web site.

Did you do the reading in one take, Mandy?

A said...

I recorded that thing before I left the states, a million anxious times, then there was too much background noise, so I recorded it again here, a million anxious times, and you could only just barely make out the honking, so it was all right. In the meantime, I learned about all the strange breathing and clicking noises one can make when a microphone is shoved in the face.