Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dear Taxi Driver

Dear Taxi Driver,

If I need a cab ride, I will be sure to hail you. In the meantime, it is not necessary to announce your presence by incessantly honking your horn the moment you see me walking down the street. You also need not slow beside me and query, “Taxi? Taxi?” while all the drivers behind you honk. Further, it is unnecessary to flash your lights at me to let me know you are coming. I see you. Even if I didn’t see you, I suspect it wouldn’t matter, because it is clear that you are not going to slow down. You don’t slow down for ancient people with canes; you don’t slow down for babies and children. We pedestrians understand that we must be on the defense. I suspect, in fact, that were I to trip before your car, we would find ourselves in a predicament known as vehicular homicide in another part of the world. To conclude, you must believe me when I tell you that I will let you know if I need a ride.

Thank you, Mr. Taxi Driver,


Anonymous said...

A..... I discovered your "blog" while looking for a (now old) cookbook that I "editored" while living in Ma'adi MANY years ago. How I have enjoyed your stories of the country that will be in my heart forever!!! I know Ma'adi/Digla and (the whole Cairo area) has changed very much since we left at Christmas of 89, but I have always promised myself that I would return and your blog has just made me more determined than ever to return to my beloved Egypt & Ma'adi. We left very suddenly because my husband (now deceased) was ill, so we left behind many friends that HE didn't get to say a proper good-bye to. My husband was rushed state side and was diagnosed with Multiple Myeoloma and never returned to Egypt, but I got to return to Egypt to pack up and say good-bye to our friends, and bring our daughter, who had been staying with friends during my husbands 2 month search for a diagnosis, back home to the U.S. after living in Egypt for almost 10years. She had attended CAC from the 2nd grade through the middle of her Junior year, so we all (2 sons attended CAC also) have very, very fond memories of Ma'adi and Cairo. Thank you so much for the beautiful memories... BUT... you will never, never change the taxi drivers.... they will always bug you - guess things haven't changed much, after all. LOL mgoff

siobhan said...

I love this. It makes me think of being in Indonesia, where taxi/tuktuk etc. drivers are equally capable of stalking you and/or running you over.

Anonymous said...

so mo and i are laughing outload. you forgot to mention that dear mr. taxi driver, i will not be cheated on the fare and if you offer a fare and i accept, i'm not going to change my mind and give you more money. i'm not a wallet.

American_in_Cairo said...

Thanks so much for your comments - it is nice to know that someone who is well-versed in Cairo could enjoy reading about our experiences! Good point about the taxi drivers!

Glad you and Mo enjoyed it, K!

Anonymous said...

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