Monday, October 23, 2006

Back From Bahariya

This is only a quickie. We've returned from Bahariya Oasis and we had a fabulous time. These are only a few pictures of the startling, bizzaro realm of the oasis and parts south. There are many, many more of these and plenty of stories to come. Later. For now, enjoy these.

Sand Dune Outside the Town of Bawiti

The Black Desert

The White Desert--just one part of the surreal landscape

Sunset on Some Other Planet


Sari said...

Spend a weekend at an oasis or spend a weekend in Minnesota? It's such a toss up! You are missed here, though I'm guessing you're missing us less. There will, however, be a pumpkin carving at Cheri's on Sunday. Maybe you will miss us then.

Aleana said...

I think I've seen some of these areas before......oh that's right they look like they are straight out of a Star Wars movie. I'm waiting for the photo with young skywalker in it!!!

Actually they are all really cool.....the kids and I are really enjoying the photos.

Take care James & Mandy

American_in_Cairo said...

Actually, Aleana, the scenes in Star Wars that are set on Tatooine (the desert) were shot in Tunisia, which is not so far from here. Check it out on a map.

All's well.

Mom said...

Aleana - I thought the same thing. Great pics.